I'm facing difficulties to understand how to synchronize groups from a
postgresql database with two tables user_ and group_ and an association
table between the earlier two tables to be able to find the group to which a
user belongs.

I have an openldap directory for which I get results when making an
ldapsearch on ou groups:

# extended LDIF


# LDAPv3

# base <ou=groups,dc=cfe,dc=fr> with scope subtree

# filter: (objectclass=*)

# requesting: ALL



# groups, cfe.fr

dn: ou=groups,dc=cfe,dc=fr

objectClass: top

objectClass: organizationalUnit

ou: ade

ou: groups


# Engineering, groups, cfe.fr

dn: cn=Engineering,ou=groups,dc=cfe,dc=fr

cn: Engineering

objectClass: groupOfNames

member: cn=khaly souleye,ou=people,dc=cfe,dc=fr


# search result

search: 2

result: 0 Success


#NumResponses: 3

#NumEntries: 2




Since the tutorial in lsc site is for synchronizing groups from an openladp
to an AD, I'm a bit lost on how I could implement group synchronization from
postgresql to openldap.

Any help would really be useful ( example of lsc.xml, explanations,.)

Thanks in advance for your contribution!



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