[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Niels Möller) writes:

    Nice. BTW, pkcs1-conv is intended to work also with PEM-formatted
    input, if you had any problem with that, I'd like to hear. You
    still need to use openssl for decrypting the key, though.

Yes, I've got "Invalid PKCS#1 private key." from pkcs1-conv when I
tried to feed it with PEM-formatted input instead of DER-formatted

    $ openssl rsa -inform PEM -outform PEM -in ~/.ssh/id_rsa \
              -out /tmp/id_rsa.nopass.pem

    $ cat /tmp/id_rsa.nopass.pem | pkcs1-conv --private-rsa-key
    Invalid PKCS#1 private key.

I've noticed that I can convince pkcs1-conv to process PEM-formatted
input if I drop the "--private-rsa-key" argument:

    $ cat /tmp/id_rsa.nopass.pem | pkcs1-conv

This outputs the expected result, completely identical to the working
example using DER (posted in my previous message).

    You're brave, trying to play around with the experimental release

I'm just experimenting, so the experimental release is just perfect
for me. ;-)
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