This morning, the IESG approved the creation of the LSR working group,
which has been formed by merging the OSPF and ISIS working groups.

Everyone who was subscribed to the and
that we cross-subscribed folks at IETF 99), has now been subscribed to
Please do use this address going forward.

Once the official announcement goes out, I will formally close the OPSF and
working groups.

The WG Chairs for LSR and Acee Lindem and Chris Hopps.  I greatly appreciate
their willingness to take on these expanded responsibilities.

I would like to thank Abhay Roy and Hannes Gredler for their many years of
as OSPF WG Chair and ISIS WG Chair.

Current WG drafts from OSPF and ISIS will be migrated over to LSR.
We are looking at options for easily referring to old RFCs from the LSR
datatracker page.
At the moment, that will just be by having an extra URL in the group's

Thank you very much!
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