Here are some clarification questions about the flex-algo draft.
1. As described in section 5, in path computation for a flex-algorithm, the 
node firstly needs to prune the links not included for this flex-algorithm, 
then run SPF or other algorithm within the pruned topology. If a node supports 
multiple algorithms, does this mean the node needs to maintain multiple pruned 
2. If one path computed in algorithm-1 with latency metric and another path 
computed in algorithm-2 with bandwidth metric traverse the same link(s) in the 
network, can the latency or bandwidth SLA be guaranteed for the service? Or the 
path may need to be re-computed and adjusted to another link to avoid potential 
performance degradation?

ZhiBo Hu
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主题: [Lsr] LSR Working Group Adoption Poll for Flex Algorithm Drafts

This begins a two-week adoption poll for the following Flex Algorithm drafts:


The adoption poll will end at 12:00 AM EST on May 2nd, 2018. Please indicate 
your support of opposition of the drafts.

Additionally, the authors are amenable to combining the drafts into a single 
draft. If you have an opinion, please state that as well.


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