Hi Les & Acee:
Yes, I agree with you, we will merge ISIS & OSPF extensions for Path MTU, and 
isis will reference RFC 7176.

ZhiBo Hu

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(Changed the subject – was “RE: [Lsr] IETF 102 LSR Working Group Call for 
Agenda Items”)

Zhibo –

Following up on Acee’s comment…he is (of course) quite correct that there 
already is a per link MTU sub-TLV defined by RFC 7176 – it is sub-TLV 28 
defined here: 

In reading your draft, it seems that what you want to advertise is a per link 
attribute – not a per node attribute – in which case the existing sub-TLV is a 
perfect fit.

Not at all clear why we would need a new TLV – nor how such a TLV would allow 
you to advertise a per-link attribute without repeating all of the context 
information (neighbor ID, link endpoint identifiers) already available in TLVs 
22, etc.

Do you agree that IS-IS already has what is needed and therefore does not need 
any additional protocol extension?


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Hi Zhibo,

I’m sorry but our agenda is already full for IETF 102. As LSR is one of the 
most popular WGs, you need to get your requests in early. With respect to this 
draft, there is already an IS-IS sub-TLV MTU advertisement defined in RFC 7176. 
While the RFC is specific to TRILL, I don’t see any reason why the sub-TLV 
couldn’t be used in non-TRILL deploymennts.


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Subject: RE: [Lsr] IETF 102 LSR Working Group Call for Agenda Items


Request a slot to discuss ISIS extended for PathMTU:

Presenter: ZhiBo Hu

Duration: 10 mins


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Hi Folks,

The LSR (link-state-routing) WG will be meeting on Monday, July 16, 2018 from 
9:30 to 12:00 (the first WG slot of IETF 102).

Please send us (lsr-cha...@ietf.org<mailto:lsr-cha...@ietf.org>) any requests 
for presentation slots.

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