Hello All,

I support this simple but important extension.

A couple of minor comments on the draft:

1)     Sec 3 says

   A node that implements X-AF routing SHOULD advertise, in the

   corresponding Node Local Address sub-TLV, all X-AF IPv4 and IPv6

   addresses local to the router that can be used by Constrained SPF

   (CSPF) to calculate MPLS TE LSPs.  In general, OSPF SHOULD advertise

   the IP address listed in the Router Address TLV 

   of the X-AF instance maintaining the MPLS TE database, plus any

   additional local addresses advertised by the X-AF OSPF instance in

   its Node Local Address sub-TLVs.  An implementation MAY advertise

   other local X-AF addresses.

Generally speaking, should the IP address (TE router ID in common terms) which 
is candidate for inclusion in the Router Address TLV not be a MUST candidate 
for X-AF advertisement?

I also have a question about the first statement with the SHOULD in it. 
Consider we are using the TE topology from OSPFv2 to compute a tunnel for use 
with OSPFv3. Any IPv6 addresses associated with the OSPFv3 instance on a router 
would be advertised as a Node attribute and would not help identify a specific 
link. So practically, if any IPv6 addresses (if at all) were to be used for 
CSPF then it would just identify the node – in this case, isn’t advertising the 
IPv6 address (TE router ID used in Router Address TLV) sufficient?

For practical deployment, it think it would help if this was clarified that we 
really need only the TE Router ID Address to go X-AF in most/general cases and 
not the others?

2)     Isn’t the mapping algorithm in Sec 3 actually going to be used for IGP 
short-cut use-case with its reference to the IGP cost of the tunnel? If so, 
would a reference to rfc3906 be helpful in this document.


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This begins an LSR WG last call for the subject draft. Please send your 
comments to this list prior to 12:00 AM GMT, November 13th , 2018. While its 
only an 8 page document, I added an extra week due to the IETF. Please let me 
know if anyone needs any more time.


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