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    >Robert Raszuk <rob...@raszuk.net> writes:
    >> See TORs are one case .. but there are ideas to run dynamic protocols to 
the hosts too. I have heard there was even a volunteer to write ISIS-lite to be 
used on hosts :)
    > I would…. discourage that concept.
    Perhaps Robert is referring to when homenet was considering using IS-IS 
instead of a brand new protocol (babel) for use in the homenet. The proposed 
solution for very simple devices (e.g. thermostats or anything w/o much ram 
etc) was to use the overload bit. This wasn't just for hosts though, but for 
very small devices that could still serve as simple router for a network behind 
    Christian Franke coded up "tinyisis" in 1500 lines of C code. :)

We have " IS-IS Routing for Spine-Leaf Topology" to address resources on a TOR 
while still having multiple northbound links. At least in the context of 
flooding reduction, I don’t think we need anything IS-IS lite. 



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