This is indeed what I understood by reading the section 5, OTOH, the ‘MUST’ is 
also a wishful thinking (bugs happen). I would feel more comfortable (and clear 
my DISCUSS), if the H-bit deployment has been tested in simulation or even in 
real network with a scenario where there is no H-bit aware routers first, then 
adding a couple of H-bit aware routers, then only H-bit aware routers and 
finally adding again a single non H-bit aware router. A failure could be quite 

Also, my OSPF knowledge is a little rusty, but, can LSA be lost? So, having a 
wrong representation of the H-bit awareness.

You can call me paranoid :-) but I would like to get your point of view on the 


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Hello Eric

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 12:31 PM Eric Vyncke (evyncke) 
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I do not mind too much the transient inconsistencies but more about longer term 
inconsistencies (1) hence my question about simulations / tests in the absence 
of mathematical proof.
The R-bit has always been in OSPFv3 (AFAIK), so, OSPFv3 does not have the same 


(1) having some routers being H-bit aware and other routers not processing the 
H-bit could probably introduce long term inconsistencies and loops.

As described in section 5
"All routers supporting H-Bit MUST check all the RI LSAs of nodes in the area 
before actively running the modified SPF to account for the H-bit in order to 
verify that all routers are in routing capability. If any router does not 
advertise the Host Router Support capability then the SPF Modifications 
(Section 4) MUST NOT be used in the area."

The H-bit aware routers will revert to normal operation if they detect routers 
not processing the H-bit. Therefore, if ever there is a discrepancy it not 
cause long term inconsistencies nor loops. In effect, H-bit processing is 
either done by all or no one in the area.

Let me know if this answers your question.

On 02/12/2019, 17:59, "iesg on behalf of Alvaro Retana" 
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    On November 30, 2019 at 11:21:01 AM, Éric Vyncke wrote:



    > == DISCUSS ==
    > -- Section 5 --
    > The risk of having inconsistent view of the topology with H-bit aware and
    > unaware routers seems possible to me (albeit perhaps only transient). Has
    > this feature been tested / simulated in large scale networks?

    Yes, as with other operations in a network (reconvergence, for
    example), there is a risk of transient inconsistency.  §5 already
    makes recommendations to mitigate transient states.  What explicitly
    are you looking for to address your DISCUSS?

    I'll let the authors reply about tests/simulations.



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