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> 5. Deployment Considerations
> 6. Attribute Advertisements and Enablement
> 7. Interoperability, Backwards Compatibility and Migration
> Concerns
> Of these I think 5 and 7 could logically be combined and fall under the
> heading of "Deployment Considerations".
> Section 6 is discussing a particular aspect of the protocol extensions - what
> the advertisement of link attributes associated with a particular application
> says about the state of that application on that link. This isn't a
> deployment consideration.
> I therefore suggest that Section 6 remain as is but be placed BEFORE a new
> Deployment Considerations section which will have the combined content of the
> current Sections 5 and 7 - plus revisions based on your comments.
> Let me know if that makes sense to you.

Yes, that works for me.

> > [c] The OSPF abstract is more general, while this one provides more
> > specifics...
> [Les:] And which style do you prefer?

Most of the time I prefer the general approach.

In this case either works for me.  I would simply want to avoid
questions about what may look like different



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