Hi Alexander, Peter:

     Thank you very much´╝îAfter I read the WG alias, I still have a lot of 
doubts, can we calculate the disjoint path by exclude  SRLG in flexalgo? In 
fact, unless you previously defined two disjoint planes using SRLG, you cannot 
guarantee that different FlexAlgo can calculate disjoint paths.


Zhibo Hu
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Hi Zhibo Hu,
Welcome to the club - I have already asked the same question and got a response 
from Peter.
You can find the relevant email thread 

My 2c,

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Hi Peter:

I noticed that draft-ietf-lsr-flex-algo-07 adds exclude SRLG TLV. SRLG defines 
a group of risk-sharing link groups. It is generally used to prevent the 
primary and standby paths from passing the same risk-sharing link group .I 
don't know why a group of SRLG links should be excluded from the FlexAlgo 
calculation. What is its usecase?


Zhibo Hu


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