I am going through recent draft 

Changes are follow ,

4.1. End: Endpoint

S01. When an SRH is processed {
S02. If (Segments Left == 0) {
S03. Proceed to process the next header in the packet, whose type is identified 
by the Next Header field in the routing header.
S04. }
S05. If (IPv6 Hop Limit <= 1) {
S06. Send an ICMP Time Exceeded message to the Source Address, Code 0 (Hop 
limit exceeded in transit), Interrupt packet processing and discard
     the packet.
S07. }

With these change, I have below few question

  1.  Can END SID can be last SID of the SID list ?   earlier draft (not sure 
which version), it was explicitly mentioned that last SID can't be END sid ( 
Most basic flavors ).
  2.  IF yes then When/Who will remove the SRH header when last sid is END SID 
in the sid list.


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