Alva: I completely agree with your statement below, and would be very interested in your presentation on "what we can learn from service architectures". Regards. -- Sanjai
You assume that it must be integrated. There is a lot of value, however,
in an out-of-band validator that is not integrated. For one thing, it
tests the configuration tool itself. For another thing, it has an easy
path to adoption. Third, it is easy to write such a validator in small,
orthogonal pieces that don't have to talk to one another. In other
words, the component composition problem (the subject of my student
Yizhan Sun's thesis) goes away, and is replaced with the simpler problem
of comprehensiveness.

You're assuming that the validator would check "everything". That is not
the role of a validator. It instead checks what it can and reports on
strange situations.

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