>>>>> "Luke" == Luke Kanies <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  Luke> Narayan Desai wrote:
> This was the point of the paper Paul and Ed did last year. The way
  >> to go is to agree on an intermediate format that several tools
  >> can consume in an opaque fashion. The linkage into a given tool
  >> is tool specific, but the constraint compiler, or whatever can
  >> just output a single format.

  Luke> The problem is that the semantics are completely different.
  Luke> Based on the work that led to that paper, I made sure that
  Luke> Puppet uses a very simple portable format for the
  Luke> configurations it sends to its clients, and I could easily
  Luke> switch to XML.  This format is basically a collection of lists
  Luke> and hashes, and each hash maps directly to a resource that
  Luke> you'd manage on the client, such as a service, user, package,
  Luke> host, or mount point.

If you go back, there is a lot of discussion of semantics-neutral
constructs in the paper. We don't need to be able to consume the exact
set of data for multiple tools, we just need to use it to generate
useful results.
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