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====== Entries display ======

===== Display mode =====

Set which mode is used to display results when doing a 
[[config_quick_search|quick search]] or an [[config_advanced_search|advanced 
search]] :
<file php>
$results_display_mode = "boxes";  // boxes or table

<note important>This parameter doesn't change display of 
[[config_directory|Directory (table)]] and [[config_gallery|Gallery (boxes)]] 

===== Display results =====

List which items are shown in result box:
<file php>
$search_result_items = array('mail', 'phone', 'mobile');

<note>The items identifiers are those defined in 
[[.:config_attributes|attributes map]]</note>

Set which item is used as result box title:
<file php>
$search_result_title = "fullname";

Set on which item results are sorted:
<file php>
$search_result_sortby = "lastname";

Display or not undefined values:
<file php>
$search_result_show_undefined = true;

Define [[http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid|bootstrap]] column class:
<file php>
$search_result_bootstrap_column_class = "col-md-4";

Truncate values to fit in result box:
<file php>
$search_result_truncate_value_after = "20";

Truncate title to fit in box head:
<file php>
$search_result_truncate_title_after = "30";

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