On Thursday 22 February 2007 05:14, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> >Run ssh on the clients and ssh in and use mount this is good if you
> > have ssh running on the clients ie for local apps. You should find all
> > the standard admin utils on the client image. (fsck, mount, cp etc)
> > they are all part of busybox.
> >Option 2
> >Run a terminal on the client (SCREEN_02=shell) then once booted press
> > Ctrl-Alt-F2 and you'll get a prompt where you can do as above.
> >You may need ensure the kernel has the hard disk drivers loaded ie
> > modprobe, Oh and I don't know of grub and fdisk being aprt of the thin
> > client image so you may want to add them.
> >Peter
> Cheers Peter, should have realised I should give more detail. I was aware
> how to get a shell on the clients, no problem there, the trouble is
> mounting the drive. There is no /dev/hda1 as I would have expected. What
> driver should I load though? I really haven't a clue how to tell! It's
> always just worked with Linux for me, so I don't know how to do it :(
> I can add things in to the thin client tree easily enough too, but won't
> need GRUB and fdisk, just cp, which I am pretty sure is already there.
> Thanks for the help though Peter.
> I am using LTSP-4.2 btw.

Without going to look: I think modprobe ide did the trick. mail me if that 
does not work. IE you need a MODULE_01=ide in lts.conf

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