I have a Debian Etch AMD64 Server which I am configuring with LTSP5 for
i386 clients.  I did a ltsp-build-client --dist etch --arch i386 but I got
"LTSP client installation ended abnormally."  So, I tried several times
more,   but I keep getting the same thing.  The last lines are
  Errors were encountered while processing:
  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
  error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally
I tried doing it with "ltsp-build-client --arch i386 but it still gave the
same error message.

I have previously been able to successully install and configure i386
clients via AMD64 servers running on Debian Etch with LTSP5.

I would appreciate your inputs.


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