In lts.conf, I put :

XRANDR_COMMAND_0="xrandr --output LVDS --mode 800x600 --output VGA-0 
--mode 800x600 --same-as LVDS"

On the thinclient, only the login windows is affected (resolution 
changed and cloning screens), the xsession after login is unchanged (one 
screen and 1280x800)

If after login, I make in localapps xterm (on the thinclient)

xrandr --output LVDS --mode 800x600 --output VGA-0 --mode 800x600 
--same-as LVDS

RĂ©solution switching and clonage are effective

If in lts.conf, I put

XRANDR_COMMAND_0="xrandr --newmode 832x624 41.00 832 864 944 1056 624 
627 631 649 -hsync +vsync"
XRANDR_COMMAND_0="xrandr --addmode LVDS 832x624"

On the thinclient, after login, the newmod or addmod are here. So the 
xrandr_command_0 in lts.conf is effective (but not for mode and same-as !)

I have no monitors.xml in the /home/$user/.config
I have no .config/monitors.xml in the /var/lib/lightdm/

All work fine in ubuntu 12.04, ltsp 5.3.7, xrandr 1.3.5



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