On 22/09/2016 11:25 πμ, Raphaël RIGNIER wrote:
> Hello
> I have setup a xenial ltsp pnp server.
> Is LTSP_FAT_CLIENT=True/False the only config needed in lts.conf to switch ?
> Is ldm mandatory for fat client ?

1) Yes.
Note also that there is a FAT_RAM_THRESHOLD variable, which defaults to 300.
If a client has more than 300 MB RAM, it's automatically fat.
If it has less than 300 MB, it's automatically thin.

Only chroots that have a desktop session (files in 
/usr/share/xsessions/*.desktop) support both thin and fat clients. 
ltsp-pnp supports both.

2) Yes.

Btw, someone here in this topic mentioned that a use case for thin 
clients is when you want to run math software on a beefy server.
I'd like to add that it's very easy to use fat clients in this case, and 
run that math app with LTSP *remoteapps*, which run on the server.

So, thin clients can have localapps that run on the client,
and fat clients can have remoteapps that run on the server.

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