Hello, Martin,


are you clients thin or fat? If you need local devices I suggest fat-client 
setup because it's easier to configure and debug.


For usb redirection use /usb option of xfreerdp:




However there're a lot of issues with USB redirection over freerdp, there is a 
big chance that it won't work at all if you use version from Ubuntu repository, 
in which case you will have to build freerdp from sources.


As of video performance with RDP you can try enabling RemoteFX on Windows 
Server and use /rfx option of freerdp.






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for quite some time I’m using the LTSP in many schools. In my case im using it 
as a base for xfreerdp to connect to a windows Terminalserver (2012R2).


For screen_07 in config i have xfreerdp /f /sec:rdp /v:SERVERIP.


Is someone running a similar scenario? I’m still searching for a way to 
redirect USB devices like LEGO Mindstorms and a way if possible to take 
advantage of the local client hardware to run Youtube and so on smoother.


Thx in advance and have a nice day




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