I am computer engineering student and I am actually working on my
graduation project which is about Qemu Trace.

In this project, Qemu is considered as a user-space instrumented

I have used:

1) LTTng-Tools to control Qemu trace.

2) Babeltrace to convert the CTF traces to a human readable text.

Now, I aim to develop a patch to the Babeltrace. Instead of printing the
traces on the console or in a file, I would like to send the traces over
TCP/IP to a third-party tool for processing.
My third-party tool is installed on a windows machine. For this reason, the
use of LTTng relay daemon will not be a good solution.

My question is the following:

To which file (of the Babeltrace source code) should I make changes to
answer my use case?

Best regards,


Nesrine ZOUARI
Computer Engineering Student
Department of Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics
National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS)
University of Sfax-Tunisia
Tel: +216 52 620 475

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