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Hello all,

I always come up with vague question, so here is another one.

I use a virtual font to re-encode a real font and it seems that font expansion 
is not used anymore. Is this a well known thing? Both fonts (the real font and 
the virtual font) have the same parameters stretch/shrink/step, auto_expand and 
expansion_factor for each glyph.

(If no, then I will try to sort out and try to make a small test case)
Font expansion looks at a glyph and its properties. It actually is not interested in what that glyph is and only the expansion factors and width matters. So, you need to make sure that these properties are set. The multiplication factor travels with the glyphs after the paragraph has been calculated. In the (back)end what gets injected are just kerns based on these factors.


ps. The implementation is not the same as in pdftex in the sense that no extra pseudo fonts are generated, not are expansion factors calcualted on the fly each time (they are glyph property).

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