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I finally got around to trying one of the tools for setting several distros / CDs / DVDs on one USB drive. MultiBootUSB seems to work fairly well, but has some setup gotchas:

If you're sick of carrying around 8 different flash drives, try it - once you get it working, it's pretty cool. Here are some things I'd like to pass on: -If you use Ubuntu 12.04 (it's my desktop distro of choice) , you won't be able to install the .DEB file because it needs Gabbas3, which is not in the repositories. You can easily get it from the Launchpad repository with: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nemh/gambas3 .

-Once you install and run the (mostly) GUI tool, know that you are expected to add one distro to the given USB device at a time. Also, for some reason, it didn't like the auto mount-point. As root, I unmounted the USB drive, mounted it in a subdirectory of /media that I made, and then ran the tool with gbr3 /usr/bin/multibootusb.gambas .

-Finally, you will need to tell it to install syslinux on the USB drive and then edit the syslinux.cfg file for everything to work. I added my own set of directives to the beginning of multibootusb/syslinux.cfg :

UI /syslinux/vesamenu.c32
default Ubuntu-SecureRemix-12_10-64bit <label of distro to start by default>
ONTIMEOUT Ubuntu-SecureRemix-12_10-64bit

Finally, after all of that, it works.  And it's pretty cool.

Good luck,

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