Hi All!

Anybody out there play with the Samsung Chromebook with ChrUbuntu or another good ARM distro? Having a 2.5 lb laptop that only costs $250 and runs fairly quickly sounds really interesting. There's a lot of info about installing and tweaking, but very little about actual _usability_ as far as true speed, any problems with apps that have to be specially baked and other details. The model would likely be the SAMSUNG XE303C12-A01US .

I currently use a simple Corei3 laptop that is cheap but surprisingly quick. Having a laptop that is nearly disposable is a good thing, since so many have lost their laptops to theft/confiscation by the TSA, overly playful pooches and all the other ways that laptops can quickly leave the mortal realm. A cheap ARM notebook with good speed and battery life holds lots of appeal...

-Jeff Mings

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