Thanks Brian, and the new mirror sounds like it will be really awesome!

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Brian Chee <> wrote:

> It seems some very major power work is being done at the UH Manoa campus
> and we've just been told that the weekend of  June 10 that power to the
> Hawaii Institute of Geophysics will be out as they cut over to the new
> power substation. (which is where the mirror server resides)
> Thusly, the friday before, in the late afternoon, I'll be shutting down
> both the new and old mirror sites. I hope to be able to get an estimate
> soon on when I'll be able to bring it back up that sunday or monday.
> Sorry for the inconvenience, not to mention all the changes and fixing of
> download scripts for distros. Teething pains of a volunteer team only able
> to work on the sites part time. I will assure you though, that new scripts
> for things like Arch Linux, Raspbian, etc are in the works and much more
> detailed documentation is being created so that work can be done by a
> larger team of volunteers. The architecture of the mirror site has changed
> dramatically to take advantage of newer technologies in virtualization and
> containerization to make backups, rollbacks, upgrades and such dramatically
> easier. We've also gone away from the old NAS that keeps resetting to
> readonly mounts, and the new server is ALL DAS to increase speed and
> reliability.
> Lastly, once I get off my behind and finish the fiber optic upgrades, I
> hope to coordinate with the campus IT group to provision a direct 10gig
> campus backbone connection to help handle the increasing popularity of
> Linux.
> *So please mark your calendar so that you don't try to do a big download
> from either new or old mirror on the weekend of June 10th.*
> /brian chee
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