Perhaps this offers an opportunity for someone to put together an
initial Lubuntu "FAQ" on the wiki...

jon york wrote:
> Alright, not that I want to start any E-fights, but I do believe these
> are serious questions that need to be answered
> in any project, there needs to be a driving reason behind it other then
> "because", also, there needs to be a reason for people to try it, and
> switch, or else this project will eventually fail.
> in light of this, here are my questions
> 1- what will Lubuntu offer that any other version of *buntu does not offer?
> 2- what kind of performance increase shall we see with Lubuntu?
> 3- what is our geographic and demographic target?
> 4- is Lxde ready for its own *Buntu variant?
> 5- how will Lubuntu compared to Xubuntu in terms of GB install, Ram
> usage, performance and functionality?
> 6- what is the projected usage curve for this project?
> these are hard questions to answer, however they do need to be
> addressed. I own a computer repair and sale company in Canada, and I and
> currently in university studying accounting and marketing. regardless of
> how we feel about it, we are competing for market share with countless
> Linux's including which many variants, official or not of Ubuntu. Is
> this system competing against all distro's? Xubuntu only? Ubuntu and
> Xubuntu? #!? or is it a system that will be aimed for the Windows/mac
> user to switch.
> Jon York
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