I was happy to see there is an attempt to make a LXDE version of Ubuntu.
Since I was not part of previous discussions, I decided instead to look
at the general state of all packages related to LXDE on Ubuntu Karmic,
before the Feature Freeze. So far, this is a short summary :

 == LXDE core components ==

* Most of packages are in sync with Debian (and so, up-to-date with
upstream). Andrew Lee made a great work on them. General state is good,
not many bugs reported.
 + lxappareance and lxshortcut need to be sync for bugfixes
 + lxshortcut need to be sync

* lxde-common : Update in progress (bug 410852) Blocked by
lxde-settings-daemon, will be updated shortly.

* lxlauncher : Mandriva have some patches to consider, to improve it.

* LXNM : Broken / Conflict with lxde (upstream work in progress) 

== LXDE main components ==

* Gpicview (0.2.1-1) up-to-date from Debian unstable
* pcmanfm will be blocked on 0.5.1+svn20090607 due to complete rewrite
* leafpad : should be upgrade to 0.8.16 (bug 223093), also should
include, if possible, 2 fixes for GNOME 3 goals (bug 403282 and 405576)
* lxmusic : Updated. Should work now.
* Openbox + obconf: Up-to-date.
* xarchiver : Maintain by Xubuntu

== Possible part of Lubuntu seed ==

* Sylpheed : Updated to 2.7.1 . Big segfault on compose (bug 413994)
* Midori : Waiting update to 0.1.9 from Debian (bug 412874)
* Wicd : Bug triage should be done.

Please add additional packages if I missed some :)

Julien Lavergne

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