Dear all,

please go to the page for the release management discussion and vote
for the way for release management.

Some suggested to close the lubuntu team out of a worry that we could
run into commit wars, if there is no control. There was no problem
until now. At the moment the number of contributors actually working
on the code is relatively small, but we could potentially have
challenges with difficult team members in the future is the argument.
In order to have more people actually contributing we should define
diferent jobs that need to be done.

Concerning the closed/open team discussion there are three options now:

1. keep the way we work as is, observe how things go and decide when
there is an issue

2. decide to keep the team open and define policies to follow

3. decide to make a closed release team

With any choice we take now, we will still be able to get the seed
into the repository. There are so called MOTUs, who look if the seeds
and packages build. The responsibility what is in the seed is the
teams responsibility. So, the issue here is that we could avoid future
discussions, if someone does not stick to team decisions. In such
cases we would of course also have the ability to exclude people as

Still, there is the fact, that other teams in Ubuntu work as closed
teams and according to Canonical members here, it would be an
advantage to have closed teams.

Please vote now on the page.

Thank you,


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 12:15 AM, Julien Lavergne<> wrote:
> Hi,
> To follow the IRC meeting we had on September 06, I pasted the IRC log
> on
> 202009
> One of the main discussion was the management of the release and the
> seeds. A specific page was set up on
> Another discussion was the artwork of the future Lubuntu 9.10. We will
> try to have specific settings and artwork for Lubuntu (different from
> LXDE).
> Also, to decide which artwork will be chosen, we decided that people can
> propose set of artwork, so the community can vote for the best artwork
> for the next release.
> Deadline for this :
> - Final proposals : September 18th
> - Final vote : September 22th
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne

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