Hai again....

A reply on your last message....

I installed blueman from synaptic and its working. Pairing,sending files
from net book to my mobile device sonyerricson k800i is doing well and
sending back to my netbook it doesnt work because it doesnt detect maybe its
invisible my netbook I have to find out what it is...from the netbook
browsing my mobile doesnt work and I got this error "failed to launch
nautilus [Errno 2] No such file or directory"....

About the 3G modem Huawei E220.
There is a gui interface, Its the Network-manager itself in Ubuntu Koala
karmic...I used in Hardy heron, Ibex interprid but I dont why in the koala
karmic is not connecting to provider but its still detecting the presents of
my modem....

About the "Cannot obtaining IP adress" problem...
It was in the WEP mode...But I can tell you in Ubuntu Koala Karmic including
Kubuntu Koala Karmic and latest Wattos RC1 that is using Network-manager is
working fine I didn't met any problem at all.... So my suggestion is to go
with the Network-manager like in Ubuntu for temporary.

I have a question I am not so good in doing with linux, but I like to
install network-manager in my lubuntu so I can go further with trying
something out.. I realize if I throw out wicd I wont get network-manager
installed... Can you tell me how to install network-manager on my lubuntu

With Regards

Josef A. Beroeatwarin..


On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 6:02 AM, Julien Lavergne <gi...@ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for testing.
> Le mardi 26 janvier 2010 à 15:57 +0700, Josef Beroeat a écrit :
> > Its working very well, After the first time booting I had an error
> > while login,there was something with the startlxde.What I did was
> > changing Desktop session from default to Lubuntu.
> Yes, by default lxdm launch lxde instead of lubuntu. It's something to
> fix in the lxdm package.
> > About the Wicd, Its still a problem connecting WIFI,I still got that
> > "cannot obtain IP adress" in WEP mode.
> Do you have the problem only with WEP or with any encrypted connection
> (WEP or WPA). It'll be interesting to test with network-manager (or with
> a ubuntu lucid live-cd) if it's a general problem or a wicd bug.
> > I plugged my modem Huawei E220 in my netbook. And it was detected. But
> > I dont know no anymore
> > how to use vwdial but It would be nice there is some thing to use it
> > to connect my 3G modem....
> I don't know if a GUI for such modem exist. Do you have something to
> configure this on a standard Ubuntu installation ?
> > Bluetooth I switched on but no sign of blue in the corner... So I have
> > to install to progam... any suggestion please...
> Could you try to launch bluetooth-properties and bluetooth-applet and
> see if you can configure your bluetooth devises ?
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
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