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Have you considered using and not using swap space ?

On a 128MB machine disabling Swap prevents the machine from running anything. I am, however experimenting wirh swappiness. I have tried it set at 10, from it’s default of 60 and it appears to make things slightly more unpleasent to use. I’m going to try 100 next.

I think the differences between midori and chromium are big.
In chromium each tab is a single process so when you have one tab crashing the browser still runs. This is a fantastic feature especially for browser plugins (like flash) who crash a lot.
Midori might use less memory but it doesn't provide this feature.

I am beginning to think memory usage may be a bit of a 'red herring' and we should be looking at the responsiveness of the app. There was times when using both FF and Chromium the machine became unresponsive for quite some time, not even the mouse pointer would move. Xfce Task Manager doesn’t help either, as it is quite a greedy little program.

I think we should follow Colin Chapman’s advice: Simplify and add lightness.


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