Fantastic! Thank you.

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 6:58 PM, Julien Lavergne <> wrote:

> Hi,
> First, I would like to thanks all people for their feedbacks.
> Also, I know people will be disagree about some choices, but we can't
> make all people agreed :) Remember that the goal is to provide a
> distribution ready to use, especially designed for low ressource
> hardware.
> This list can evolve before the final release, but I would like to not
> change it too much, so we can focus on bug fix and integration.
> So, this is the last changes proposal :
> === chromium for the browser ===
> Well, it's not because Chromium is the best, it's more because the
> others options is not really suitable, for different reasons :
> - Firefox have serious performance problem on limited hardware.
> - Midori have limited features, limited upstream ressources (compare to
> others), with not significant ressources gain.
> === gnome-mplayer for videos ===
> There is no reason to keep smplayer which bring extra depends on QT,
> when gnome-mplayer have the same functionalities.
> === network-manager instead of wicd ===
> This was not planned at the first time, but there are the reasons : new
> version of wicd (1.7.0) use 2 instances, and this double the among of
> memory it used. Also, there is some reports that wireless is not
> supported in some cases.
> Network-manager is not perfect, but the support is quite good, and we
> can share the maintenance with other teams. Also, memory usage is not
> that bad, but it's definitely better than wicd.
> === Using pcmanfm2 instead of old pcmanfm ===
> Lubuntu Lucid will be the first real release for Lubuntu. It's not the
> end, but I hope the beginning for it. It makes more sense to use
> directly the futur pcmanfm, than working on the old one which will be
> deprecated very soon.
> For others part, no change. It's mean, keeping Aqualung for music player
> and Sylpheed for e-mail. There was arguments for and against Sylpheed,
> some preferred Claw-Mails. But there is no big arguments for a switch,
> as the memory and CPU usage are the same, and main functionalities are
> in both clients.
> I'll made the changes to the Lubuntu packages and release a testing ISO
> tomorrow or Monday. We will have a complete week to test it, until the
> IRC meeting next Sunday, and do adjustments if it's needed.
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
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