Am Dienstag, 9. März 2010 14:50:06 schrieb Andrew Woodhead:
> I don't contest the results but can someone explain how a lighter DE uses
> less power? Is it because the CPU is used less so takes less juice?
> Nice article though. KDE is really bloated and the Kubuntu team is quite
> small.
> -Andy
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> > I especially like the little list at the bottom
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It is actually no difference in power consumption if you only run the desktop. 
If you look on phoronix (the original test) it said 0.2 Watts difference 
between the desktops. This is nothing. 

Last but not least I am very sceptical about this test. There is no 
processlist neither does it mention which apps they test under lxde and which 
under xfce or kde. 
Don't forget KDE uses nepomuk for search indexes. If this runs (@ 2 GB RAM you 
have plenty to use and it won't stop unless CPU is running out of ressources) 
it needs more memory.
I would advice anyone doing tests on there own. (I will do such a thing this 
week and release it on my blog)
All in all don't believe any test you didn't pay for. 

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