Thanks for the tests.

Le vendredi 19 mars 2010 à 22:39 +0100, Leszek Lesner a écrit :
> Hi, 
> I tested the first beta and I am pretty impressed. I tested it on real 
> hardware booting from liveusb stick. It was amazingly fast. Only a few 
> seconds to boot. This is really a record for linux systems. 
> PCManFM2 seems to work fine. I only encounterd some minor bugs. 
> 1. No default Terminal emulator is set in PCManFM2. We should set this to 
> lxterminal
Reported on the pcmanfm2 testing page.

> 2. Ejecting USB Sticks from within PCManFM2 does not seem to work. (Tested 
> with 3 SanDisk U3 Sticks, they have 2 partitions 1 FAT32 Data, and a virtual 
> CD-ROM drive partition. I only mounted the FAT32 Data partition, though 
> pcmanfm2 asked me to mount both.)
Any terminal output if you launch pcmanfm in a terminal and try to
mount/ejecting the usb stick ?

> 3. The dialog to open a newly inserted media shows up on the virtual desktop 
> where there is a opened filemanager. Trying to switch to desktop inserting 
> usb stick results that it automatically switches to desktop 1 and shows the 
> media dialog there. (I think its a bug, cause its annoying and killing my 
> workflow, as if you choose to open up the newly insert media it won't show up 
> in the opened filemanager window, but opens up a second window. So it 
> absolutely does not make sense to switch the desktop to show the dialog.) 
> 4. Copying Linked folders(symlink to folder, that contains files) in pcmanfm2 
> should copy them as symlinks and not as files I think. 
Reported on the pcmanfm2 testing page.

Julien Lavergne

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