On Sun, 2010-04-11 at 17:58 +0800, PCMan wrote: 
> Please can anyone reproduce this bug? It doesn't happen on my laptop.
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> From: M. Daub <m.d...@web.de>
> Date: Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 5:21 PM
> Subject: bug / problem in "detailed list view"
> To: PCMan <pcman...@gmail.com>
> Dear PCMan,
> first: thanks for your great work!
> second: the problem:
> On "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams/TestingSubTeam/pcmanfm2Testing";
> you said that you can't reproduce the problem with highlighting in detailed
> view.
> Because for me it's very annoying too, I'd like to describe it in more detail:
> - using lubuntu with the most recent updates and with the desktop-ppa and
> proposed-updates enabled.
> - using pcmanfm 0.9.3 with detailed list view as default view for every folder
> - At first start and at the fist screen I can select each folder and each file
> with one click. And with the right-click I could "open, open with, cut, ...
> and so on".
> - But if I go into a folder I cannot select any file or subfolder. With a
> double-click I can open it, but I cannot selcect it with a one-click. And so
> with a right-click I have only "new, past, select all, ... and so on", but not
> "open, cut, ..."
> - If I change the view to "compact view", then I can select what I want and
> after that, if I change back to "detailed list view" then I can select the
> items in that folder too. But after going into another folder the problem is
> there and I cannot select anything.
> Please take a look and fix the problem.
> The "detailed list view" is the default view for a lot of people.
> Thanks in advance!
> Best regards
> Marcus Daub
There does appear to be a problem with Detailed List View. I’m not sure
if this is the same thing as described above.
If you select Detailed List View then open a folder and right click on a
file you get the menu with New, Paste, Select All, etc. IF you then Left
click on it and then right click you get the correct context menu with
Open, Open With... , etc.  If you then right click on a different type
of file you get the same context menu as previous.
E.g. If you left click then right click on a tar.gz file you get Open,
Xarchiver, Open With..., etc. If you then right click on a PDF file you
still get Open, Xarchiver, Open With... If you then left click and right
click on a PDF you get a context menu with Open, Document Viewer, Open
With..., etc.  I.e then correct context menu.  This only occurs in
Detailed List View. 
Hope this makes sense and is the same problem Marcus described.

Steve (YorvYk)


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