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On Sat, 24 Apr 2010 19:13:44 +0100, Goh Lip <g....@gmx.com> wrote:

Er, pardon for asking, if I am missing the point...I notice many on
this thread are already on Lubuntu Lucid, not beta3, but beta2 or I
grant even earlier revisions; won't it be sufficient to just do an
update/upgrade? Why the need to download the whole iso?
Thanks, again. - Goh Lip

As most peoples first glimpse of Lubuntu will be from the Live CD and/or
a clean install we need to make sure this is working OK and this is the
first multi-lingual ISO so that will need testing as well. Also, some of
us have also sorts of odds 'n' sods on our installs and need a clean
install to make sure we are reporting errors for the correct versions
and any advice we give or instructions we are writing are for a default

Okay, Understood. Since the only addition to my system, besides updates, is adobe flash, I think my updated system from beta2 fresh install would be similar to beta3 fresh install. I'll let pass the fresh install this time round. (I am enjoying myself too much too :) ) Will help to report bugs, if any, whatever way I can.

So far the slypheed notes have generated lots of correspondence on the slypheed mailing list (autofill address) long after I've reported it. (not a bug, a 'feature' :) ). I just hope I won't cause unnecessary 'noise' due to my inexperience in Lubuntu too.

Thanks - Goh Lip

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