Hi list,
I'm now trying to rework lxsession and update lxde-common and a new
release is planned.
Here are what I'm doing now.

1. LXSession will merge user-custom config files and system-wide ones
on a "per-key" basis, rather than "per-file". Keys not defined in
user-custom config files will be read from system-wide ones rather
than just treated as missing.
2. There will be no change of config filename this time.
3. Users can negate default applications defined in systemi-wide
autostart file with ! symbol. For example, in
/etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart, there is lxpanel -p LXDE. If you
don't like lxpanel and decide to use yet another panel, simply add
!lxpanel -p LXDE to ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart, and this will
negate the effect of system-wide config file. Then you can add your
favorite panel to your autostart file at the same time to completely
replace lxpanel.
4. The behavior should remain almost backward compatible.

LXSession Edit:
May add ability to add/remove autostart desktop entry items.

1. Remove unnecessary files, such as openbox-lxde. This is a wrapper
script used to call openbox with our custom config file. Now since
lxsession can handle shell expansion in autostart file, the wrapper
script is no longer needed.
2. Correctly export XDG_MENU_PREFIX and launch dbus in startlxde script.
3. Use pcmanfm2 instead of pcmanfm and update its config file.
4. Do we need to include a new default wallpaper? Personally I like
the one used in Lubuntu.

Almost no new strings will be added unless lxsession edit gets the
ability to add/remove programs. So translation update should be
minimal. The code is still under development, and I'll make it
available in git this week. After adequate testing, there will be new
releases for these packages in early May.

Then, it's time for us to plan a annual major release for LXDE.
Previously we use rolling model for releases, but since all components
already get updates, it's also a nice time to have a major LXDE
release, such as LXDE 5.0, or LXDE 2010, for promotion. Any comments
on this?

Thank you all.

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