On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:32:05 +0100, Goh Lip <g....@gmx.com> wrote:

On Tue, 27 Apr 2010 22:55:25 +0100
Phill Whiteside <phi...@phillw.net> wrote:
Personally, I'd prefer the lubuntu tag rather than us being hidden
away in some dark corner of the forum, it will encourage people to
read about lubuntu & hopefully try it out. As always, your views on
the two options are needed.

Perhaps 2 small technical points about this mailing list itself.....

Could something be done so that all replies are directed back to this
mailing list rather than to the sender if the sender (inadvertently)
sends as 'cc' rather than 'to' ? (as what's being done in the ubuntu
and kubuntu mailing list)

I’m with Goh on the one, the Reply To should be the list, I forget to check occasionally and have to resend a separate mail to the list. If we do attract new users to the list it will cause a bit of confusion.

Also can this mailing list be 'ported' or 'mirrored' to the gmane
newsgroup too?

Lastly, but I think more importantly, the exposure and 'market recall',
no.....even just knowing about 'Lubuntu' is low.  Not many people have
heard of it, even the ubuntu users themselves and that's a shame.

I understand Lubuntu is not 'officially' part of ubuntu yet, (just a
part of launchpad?) and that's perhaps the reason we cannot be too
'overt' about this, but could you share with us the framework that
needs to be done to achieve this? Who knows, some of us here, besides
being good designers and techies are good in marketing and pr too? (but
I hope not in office politics and corporate shenaniganism  :) )

Thanks, regards - Goh Lip

I don’t think Lubuntu is doing badly for publicity as it’s currently 37th on distrowatch.com and heading back up

Steve (Yorvyk)

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