I am one of those stubborn, stupid Linux users who runs as root all the
time. (Should I unsubscribe now?) I learned GUI computing with Windows 3.0,
and I've always been in control of my system. When I switched to Linux, I
really tried to be satisfied being a crippled "user," but I eventually
decided I was a grownup and could take responsibility for my actions.

[flames go here]

Let's see, what's the point of all the above? Oh, yes, I was delighted to
discover I could run *xscreensaver* in Lubuntu while logged in as root!
Xscreensaver is coded not to run in a root session; how could this be?

I like to try various distros in the partitions on my first hard drive, and
I'm currently playing with Ubuntu Lucid Mini. Of course, xscreensaver will
not run when I'm logged in as root. Do any of you Lubuntu gurus know what I
can do to enjoy the same functionality I do in Lubuntu?

 *Lane Lester*
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