Crikey, Leszek,

that's an awesome amount of work. If you and julien agree on it, then I
would be more than happy to host it.



On 18 October 2010 17:24, Leszek Lesner <> wrote:

>  Am 18.10.2010 15:25, schrieb Julien Lavergne:
> On Mon, 18 Oct 2010 10:59:06 +0200
> Leszek Lesner <> <> wrote:
>  I created a Install CD by simply creating a minimal install CD plus a repo. 
> Unfortunetly the Installation fails after installing the base system, because 
> it tries to install a package called lubuntu-desktop^ in the tasksel process 
> which it cant find. I tried this with the modified tasksel version of yours. 
> I even checked the modification you made but cant find the error.
>  I'm not sure I made the correct fix for tasksel, it probably needs another 
> fix somewhere. But I interesting to know how you made the initial CD, because 
> I only find how doing an iso with squash filesystem, but not with .deb 
> packages.
>  Ok I see it wasn't quite the right fixes you made as the last line in
> lubuntu-desktop from the ubuntu-tasks folder contains
> Packages: task-fields
> This would as far as I understand connect to the ubuntu server and search
> for a corresponding task. But there isn't one.
> Packages: list
>   lubuntu-desktop
> works much better and fixes the error I got before.
> To create the CD I basically took the xubuntu alternate cd. Then I copied
> over the whole ISO and put it into one directory(lets call it cd-img).
> Replaced the isolinux folder with the fancy isolinux folder from the livecd
> with the cool looking logo png and where you can set language with F2 and
> with F3 the keymap and so on.
> The first thing that I did afterwards was taking the xubuntu.preseed file
> that ships with the xubuntu-10.10-alternate-i386.iso and changing it
> basically from xubuntu-desktop to lubuntu-desktop(I know there is a
> lubuntu.seed file on the live cd but I took the one from the other alternate
> cds as they were more entries and I didn't want to mess ups things). Then I
> put this preseed file back to my copy of the minimal install cd(so the
> cd-img folder) into the preseed folder.
> I did change the txt.cfg file in isolinux so that the default option would
> boot with the preseed file option of the lubuntu.seed .
> Then the little bit more tricky part create a repository. For creating this
> repository I know that I need every package that needs to be installed when
> installing lubuntu-desktop. Every means every , so also xorg and those other
> stuffs. As I had a Minimal Install ISO aswell I simply created a minimal
> installed cli only system in virtualbox and apt-get install(ed)
> lubuntu-desktop. All the required deb files are stored in /var/cache/apt/.
> The only thing to do now is getting those deb files outside the virtual
> machine. Then there is a cool package called apt-move which is pretty handy
> as it can automatically copy or move those deb files in a repository like
> hierarchical folder view. So it will create automatically the structure of a
> repository that you need, by putting in lubuntu-desktop for example  in a
> pool/l/lubuntu-meta/lubuntu-desktop_xXX-i386.deb file/folder structure. By
> default this repository structure will be put into /mirrors/debian so you
> need root right to run apt-move. But I guess the default folder is
> changeable I just was to lazy to read the manpage ;)
> Then we copy over the pool directory to the cd-img folder. Again me as
> being lazy I didn't overwrite all the packages that where already in the
> xubuntu pool directory (they can be deleted later I guess or you can delete
> the whole pool directory with the exception of the udeb files. So 'find .
> -name "*.udeb"' and copy over all udeb files as they are necessary for the
> installer). Then we have the pool directory almost ready. I had to repackage
> the ubuntu-keyring package as I don't have the private key to sign the cd
> and the new repository with official ubuntu keyring. So I downloaded the
> keyring and added my own private key to it. This step is really important
> because otherwise the installer won't install if the repo isn't signed. So I
> repackaged this package and put it into the pool structure unter
> u/ubuntu-keyring I think it was.
> That should be all for the pool directory. Basically we need the Release
> and Packages.gz file for the repository now and sign it.
> So I created a release.conf file ( storing the basic info like distro name
> , codename and main + universe repos) and a config file you can see here to
> get an Idea how it works:
> This is basically the file that will scan the pool files and create the
> Packages.gz for each repo (means main and universe).
> As you can see here you need also some override files that you can get from
> here:
> As the above config file will only create a package listing for debs I
> created also a config which scans all the udebs.
> Here is the config:
> As you can see I basically only replaced the deb with udeb :)
> Now we have all the config files lets build the packages and release files
> with:
> apt-ftparchive -c /path/to/release.conf generate 
> ../apt-ftparchive/apt-ftparchive-deb.conf
> apt-ftparchive -c /path/to/release.conf generate 
> ../apt-ftparchive/apt-ftparchive-udeb.conf
> apt-ftparchive -c /path/to/release.conf release path/to/cd-img/dists/maverick 
> > path/to/cd-img/dists/maverick/Release
> gpg --default-key "YOURKEYID" --output 
> path/to/cd-img/dists/maverick/Release.gpg -ba path/to/dists/maverick/Release  
>  #This will sign the Releasefile
>  Then you can simply update the md5sums.txt :
> find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > md5sum.txt
> And this is basically all. Of course you can edit .info directory and the
> files in there to change them so that the CD Label will change to Lubuntu
> .... rather then Xubuntu. Rebuild the ISO with mkisofs and you have it ready
> the Lubuntu Alternate Install CD :)
> I can also upload my version of the image somewhere so you don't need to do
> everything by hand ;)
> Hope that answers you questions. I also didn't found a documentation which
> explains or does this building of the alternate cd easier.
> Regards,
> Leszek
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