Hiyas everybody:

I picked another PC to see how is the resource consumption changing
depending on the hardware, and the result is this:

On a new machine (AMD Turion Dual Core M520, 3GB RAM ~ Lubuntu 10.10)
Aqualung 4%CPU 32RAM
Deadbeef 4%CPU 25RAM
Audacious 4%CPU 17RAM

On my old laptop (P3 700MHZ, 256MB RAM ~ Lubuntu 10.04):
Aqualung 28%CPU 28RAM
Deadbeef 16%CPU 24RAM
Audacious 9%CPU 19RAM

Freshly installed Audacious consumes a little more RAM, i think because is
doing something on the background... can you check again for it Julien? For
me, first run was about 28RAM and minutes later and all the runs after that
were about 18RAM.

I'll try to send a report from the computers i have acces to.
Hope it helps on the decision!

-- jpxsat
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