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This is my first post on your mailing list and I have been enjoying the hard work you guys put into the Lubuntu distro. I am by far no linux expert, but I love how lightweight Lubuntu is and how useful it can be to bring old PC's
back to a realm of usefulness.

However, I did have a suggestions regarding the LXDE Clock settings. On a
default install %R is what the clock is set at, many PC users are more used to the standard time that is used in Windows, on phones, watches and other devices. Currently military time is the standard. I would like to propose a change to how time is displayed on the taskbar. I think %l:%M %p is another format that more people are used to. Which looks like (7:37 PM ) when it is displayed. To find out how to do this I had to look it up, which is fine because I am a bit more technical. Another idea if changing the time perhaps a dropdown box could be used here to allow users to change the style of the time display. It would be much more intuitive for new users, I consider this another of the small "papercuts" that this Ubuntu derivative has.

I have to admit the clock is a bit of a faff to alter and really could be better. Personally I think the unambiguous 24 hour clock is the best default setting and hate having to change phones, etc. to use it. A drop-down menu with a couple of preset options would make life easier.

Thanks for your time, I really do appreciate the effort you guys put in and will try to chime in from time to time if I have any thoughts on discussions in the mailing list.

Thank you, it's ideas like this that go to make Lubuntu better, as it's these 'little' things that tend to annoy people the most. Feel free to chime in as often as you wish. We also have an IRC channel at #lubuntu on freenode.net if you feel you have anything more urgent to discuss.

Steve (Yorvyk)

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