For anybody on the list involved in the translation of LXDE components that 
isn't on the i10n list.  We are NOT using Transifex any more.  See below and/or 
the blog post about the change at <>.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 22:23:19 +0100 (CET)
From: Martin Bagge / brother <>
Subject: [Lxde-i18n] State of Transifex

Reporting back on the status.

I have been working with informing people in the Transifex set-up that we 
are not using that platform any more.
I have sent the message included below to all team coordinators (I might 
delve down and send it to all team members too...).
I have posted the information as an announcement.
I have removed the Transifex links from the wiki page Category:Translation 
and added a note to the Transifex how-to stating that it is deprecated.
I have denied the team creation requests and sent the same message to the 
requesters as to the current leaders.

On the Pootle side I have added en_gb and jv as new languages. Synced some 
sources. This work will continue and end up in a series of Request for 
translation sent to the lxde-i18n ML (this will probably happen mid 

Other ideas for things I should (try to) do?

--------[ message sent to team leaders ]-----------
Subject: LXDE not using Transifex
It has been decided that LXDE will not use Transifex at all for the 
foreseeable future.
Transifex is and was a good tool and supported our needs in a really good 
way, they have on the other hand changed the work-flow entirely and we can 
not use it properly any more.

For both online and offline translation we still provide access via Pootle 
at - it is integrated with the version control 
of the components but require some extra steps in your work-flow.
See the introduction at

We also urge you to join the LXDE Internationalisation mailing list at - this is tha main channel for translation 
related information. The sign-up can be done at

Thank you for showing interest in LXDE and for your contributions this 

//Martin Bagge, l10n coordinator LXDE 

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