Am Mittwoch 20 April 2011, um 13:33:06 schrieb Chris Druif:
> Hello everyone,
> I know it's too late for "new" features for natty, so my request is for
> oneiric. Currently the "Quick search" feature is disabled by default
> with a fresh install, however to make it functional only one of it's
> "recommended" packages needs to be installed as well. This package is
> "apt-xapian-index" (technical information below) which in my opinion is
> a small package to add a greatly appreciative feature of synaptic.
> Additional information about it can be found with apt-cache show "apt-
> xapian-index" in terminal. Only the python-xapian dependency wasn't
> installed, who's information I'll also send with this mail.
> So please consider to add this to the default installation and thanks
> for considering it.
> With metta,
> Chris Druif
> Technical information:
> ...

I think it does also need to run to create the index before you can use it. I 
don't if its done only by installing the missing package.  I know in KDE world 
muon packagemanager does update the xapian index when installing (in the 
postinst script). Synaptic does not do this so it needs to be run manually 
which might be a little bit complicated when using an automatic build 

But in general +1 for this.

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