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> Hiyas jonathan,
> We have to manually subscribe to each page, which is a pain.

I have set up to subscribe to /Lubuntu/.* on both wiki.u.c and help.u.c
which does subscribe you to every change for all sub pages as well. This
only tells me of changes made though not ones that need to be changed.

> As I get better I'll discuss setting up a wiki team, but the admin / wiki
> gang should all be on the lubuntu main mailing list. With the loss of the
> Team Leader of the ubuntu-beginners-wiki and ubuntu-youth team for real life
> issues, things are a bit hectic. Please bear with us.... normal service will
> be resumed soon. We are working our socks off behind the scenes. Any team
> that we are involved in need only give any of us a 'shout' and you will have
> us arrive en-masse.
> Getting a replacement laptop for myself and a dev on SII and Speechcontrol
> has taken some doing. I'm hopefully going to get my phillw.net email
> address system unlocked shortly, my friend in USA locked it down once he was
> aware of the armed robbery. The good news is that once unlocked you can have
> an @lubuntu email address that will feed to your standard email account. I
> *think* I ordered 2,000 email addresses, but as Derrick has 20,000 we are
> not going to run out!
I concur, unfortunately my LoCo is sucking up a large amount of time for me
at the moment so I'm not exactly being overly proactive in searching out
more work. More than happy to help when I can I just don't have time to sit
and search through pages to see what needs updating.

> We need to be told of alterations / errors by the devs or members of
> teams.... we are psychotic not psychic :D
As above. If anyone notices changes that need to be made please email the
list or ping me on IRC (my nick is head_victim - I'm not always at my
computer but it's rare that I'm not online).

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