Hiyas everyone,

all the reports point to an excellent 11.04, congratulations everyone!

As some of you are aware I've been helping several teams, whilst I had a
decent 'bank' of admins this was never a problem, but a few have fallen off
due to Real Life issues. Hearing last night that a 2nd team had also lost
their Team Leader for about 3 months has really put my already depelted
admin gang under even greater pressure. I humbly apologise that I have been
'fire-fighting' instead of being more pro-active with lubuntu. Lubuntu is my
home, but S.O.S. calls are those which I cannot refuse.

Any way, with the usual help of the excellent people on Lubuntu, the 11.04
is safely on my server area and I have spent several hours updating the
official wiki area. But my eyes are now tired, so would a few willing
volunteers go and check what mistakes I have made. It is over at
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu Simply take your time and ensure
things like the checksums for md5's are correct on explanations, they blur
on me when I am trying to transfer over from the old doc area the full help
files onto our 'official' area. I have 2 weeks holiday from next Thursday,
so any things that need doing that you excellent people can not do, please
just email me and I will get them done.

My kindest regards,


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