Thank you Jonathan.
I did not do any beta versions, so I am not sure wether wubi worked
with them  or not. You mention to try as a normal graphical installer
- is there a particular file I need to point to to begin the
installation? This is being installed on a Windows XP Pro system (as
I've found with other Linux versions, XP is the most "friendly").
 I'm anxious to give Lubuntu a try - I tried the much-hyped Kubuntu
and felt that it is to Linux what Vista is to Windows! I've embedded a
Lubuntu banner on my website and an ready to help spread the word, but
I need to test it first. Any installation help you provide, I will
pass on to others in case they run into similar situation.

On May 1, 2011, at 2:26 AM, Jonathan Marsden <> wrote:

> On 04/30/2011 01:35 AM, Leo Allen wrote:
>> I have made several attempts to install, and am currently seeding.
>> However, I have been unseccessful with install - .iso only lists
>> wubi for Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu Netbook, Kumbutu, Xumbutu, etc....
> Thanks for reporting this issue.
> However, I did not know that Lubuntu supports wubi installation.  Did
> you test any of the Lubuntu 11.04 alpha or beta releases using wubi?
> Did they work fine that way?  Do we currently document that Lubuntu
> supports wubi installation anywhere?  Did earlier (10.04 or 10.10)
> Lubuntu releases support this?
> I think you will find that the lubuntu-11.04.iso image works as a normal
> LiveCD or Ubiquity-based grapghical installer.  I do not think it was
> intended to work as a WUBI installer.  If it was, then I don't remember
> that capability being tested during alpha and beta releases.
>> In other words, this .iso only appears to be the typical Ubuntu .iso.
> The file lubuntu-11.04.iso is definitely an Lubuntu ISO.  Try using a
> more commonly used installation method, not wubi, and you are likely to
> make more progress with it, I think.
> If Lubuntu 11.04 really *should* support wubi, then most likely its
> current failure to do that is a bug.  In that case, we will probably
> need to correct this issue somewhere in our ISO build script in future.
> It is even possible this issue will "fix itself" once we transition to
> using the official Ubuntu ISO build infrastructure.
> Jonathan

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