Le Thursday 30 June 2011 à 10:02 +0200, Martin Bagge / brother a écrit :
> GTK3
> Support for building for GTK3 is in place for most of the components but
> not all. These should be the ones to look at.

Disclaimer : I worked on LXDE components which are included in Lubuntu,
so I didn't have a look on, for example, lxpolkit, lxmusic and

Currently, I ported most of "simple" components to build and run with
GTK3. They probably need a bit more testing.

There are still work to do on the following components :

* lxappearance
Currently, GTK3 theme is not updated on all windows, because the API
which is used was removed from GTK. I didn't find a way to do the same
with another API. Maybe it's possible to use XSendEvent, but I didn't
find a way to send a message to all windows.
It could be done with a Dbus backend on lxsession, by calling it to
restart the Xsettings manager, but the problem will be the same when
lxsession is not used.

Also, lxappearance show all GTK themes, even if they don't have a GTK3
theme. This one should be fixable.

* lxappearance-obconf
It's building, but the preview of the obconf theme is broken. The change
I made need adjustments to work properly.

* gpicview
Support is incomplete, work in progress.

* libfm / pcmanfm
I didn't start it yet, but it should be one of the most long and
difficult to do :-/

* lxpanel
This one also could be long. First changes I made seems to broke some
parts of the panel, and the work is not finished :-/
It's also a component without a maintainer, and I don't know if we need
to spend time to convert it, or use another panel which is more

In the short term, I plan to finish gpicview if I don't find any big
problem. I hope I can also fix lxappearance-obconf and lxappearance.

Julien Lavergne

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