More updated things. Sorry, GTK3 is still in development (well, GTK2
too), so there's no download available. I need to tell you that making
the GTK2 to GTK3 upgrade is a hell. A strange "fight" between GTK2 and
GTK3 breaks the system making ugly pink fluorescent frames around
controls everywhere. Things to do (among others):

      * finish GTK2 theme
      * finish GTK3 theme
      * complete wallpapers pack (8 resolutions)
      * retouching icons (maybe some new)
      * retouching panel and button
      * making a matching Chromium theme (I need help with this)
      * making an accessibility theme (I absolutely haven't any time to
        do this this, maybe you, Chris Druif?)
      * bits and pieces almost invisible (theme performance, sharp edges
        and colour optimization)
      * drink some beer :D

Thank you for your feedback, boys and grils.


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