Interesting question, but it's some kind asking about the differences
bewteen Ubuntu and Gnome itslef. Not only the community is behind the

Think in Lubuntu as an harmonic implementation of the LXDE environment
over the Ubuntu repositories with a lot of added values, like a better
integration components (dedicated applets), better oriented applications
(with the handy way of having the best performance and the minimum
installation size), the artwork (that makes the working day after day
easy with your computer), the little (and most invisible) customizations
here and there (login, session, panels, desktop, file manager, etc). And
as you commented, you have a great community supporting this.

But true, you can always install a minimal Ubuntu (or Debian) core and
start installing app after app until your computer becomes usable. We're
doing that job for you. And I'm sure that others, coders specially,
would give you more reasons than these explained by me and my own
unknowledge of the Linux systems.

Thank you for your interest.

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