> my daughters boyfriend has a 700 mhz compaq laptop with 256 ram running
> lubuntu can anyone go lower than that

My main machine before the hardware upgrade was like that one. After an
upgrade to that laptop, i enjoyed time to install Lubuntu on an old Pentium
2 (266Mhz & 256Ram) and on a AMD-K6 100MHZ * 5.5X with the same Ram. Every
install was made painless without any hack or "weird" stuff.

Results? (for Lubuntu 10.04)

   - My Laptop runs better than ever (really, is like having a powerfull
   machine :)
   - The Pentium 2 runs quite nice (just a little bit slower than Windows 98
   on the same machine :)
   - The AMD-K6 runs functionally, much slower than Win98 on the same
   machine though... i think it's due to it's video card (Sis 530 of 2Mb)
   (Note: in this machine, i've been able to run a system with 52Mb Ram used :)

I have one machine more to make it run: a Pentium 1 laptop, 166Mhz (or
less...) & 24Mb Ram... the day i could use anything else than Win98 on that,
i will be the happiest man in the world, and i'm hoping that one day Lubuntu
could make that possible since it's (from far) my favourite distro :) (and
the more "lightweight & complete & functional" out there)

Question to the devs: do you *think* that maybe one day the optimizations
could make a nice and usable system (say "Lubuntu") running with the
requeriments that Win98 did? I'm talking about less that 150Mhz and less
than 50Mb Ram...

Hope it offenses no one that i'm comparing Lubuntu requeriments with Win98
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