Hi Julien and Jonathan,

I *think* I have tracked down all pages referring to 'testing'. Could you
please check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing for the warning about
Ubiquity and key-board etc.

I have left the alpha 1 there as it is available at 'CD' size iso as opposed
to the usual too large daily images that we get during a build.

I do think the page needs some further updating, so I ask if you could
possibly find a little time to ensure it is fully up to date.

There was a mention of
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DerivativeTeam/Derivatives/Lubuntu that one of the
guys noticed, as I was previously unaware of a 'derivatives' team, and it
was well out of date I have put a divert on it to point to the current page.
As I have previously said, having various pages all needing updating is
madness. If their team has any complaints, please forward them to me. I did
leave a comment as to why I had done it.

As we are now on 'official' build, where does this leave the earlier builds,
the one that spring to mind is 10.04 - Is it easier to maintain these as not
official builds using our 'old' system of building, or can the 10.04 be
brought into the 'official' build system.
10.04 desperately needs re-making, there are something like 300 updates at
250Mb to download, if we are to truly to support it I would strongly suggest
that as the generic ubuntu is up to 10.04.3, we do spin a new iso. I'm sure
Jonathan will curse me every way, but I am sure he can spin one for Lubuntu

For 11.10, I note that 32bit and two 64bit variants are produced, but there
is no mention of an 'alternate' install iso. Is this something that will be
naturally added as Lubuntu slots into the 'official' build system, or is it
something that must be done separately?

Sorry for so many questions! It is times like this I feel about as useful as
chocolate kettle, but I ask you both to look on the bright side... Answer me
and I'll answer the others :)

hoping the well deserved beer went down well!!



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